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  • The Gold Standard for any cookie company, we make ours with an amazing imported Mexican vanilla that sends this cookie over the top. Its just better than other chocolate chip cookies….we are ok with bragging about it.

  • We make our own strawberry butter to put into this cookie. Mix that up with sweet white chocolate and freshly sliced strawberries and you have one of the best cookies you have ever tasted.

  • This cookie starts with grinding our own peanut butter fresh. We then add chocolate covered pretzel pieces and finish it with a healthy pinch of sea salt across the top to bring the chocolate flavors out.

  • This cookie is made with fresh lemon that we zest by hand (yeah it takes forever!) but its worth it to deliver the flavor that this cookie imparts. Scone-like in texture, this cookie boasts light flavors & delicious fresh blueberries.

  • We know what you’re thinking. Where are the raisins? We don’t want to be like every other cookie company and this one cookie shows that. House-made cinnamon apple butter & chopped granny smith apples make this cookie like a baked apple pie in your mouth.

  • This chewy cookie features brown butter, which gives off an amazing nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with the healthy dose of English Toffee we throw in the cookie.

  • This sweet pistachio sugar cookie is finished with toasted marshmallow across the top and garnished with in house honey roasted pistachios.

  • Banana cookie with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Inside, chopped up Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Thank you very much….

  • Tropic Like it's Hot

    A tropical cookie, featuring flavors of Rum, Coconut, and Pineapple! Like a baked Mai Tai in your mouth!

What Makes our Cookies Special ?

Unique Flavors

Our products would be classified as gourmet luxury cookies. We specialize, among other things using fresh fruit in our cookies. Ingredients are important to us, we use the highest quality flour, butter, eggs, and add-ins for our treats.

Fresh Ingredients

Starting with the ingredients, we take the time to source the freshest fruit, and most decadent chocolates for our treats. Our philosophy on flavor combinations has always been to give the customer something “sort of familiar” but change it in a way they have never experienced before.

Amazing Flavor

These are not ordinary cookies or flavors. The benefit of enjoying our cookies comes down to how people perceive food experiences. We are looking for the foodie, the individual that enjoys a far better dessert experience.

Meet the Cookie Crew...

Brad Pocock and Miroslava Pocock

You have probably arrived on this page because someone you know told you about a small company in Las Vegas that’s kicking out amazing cookies. From the moment we opened in 2020 our goal has been the same: To produce amazing flavors, in small batches, using the best ingredients. We are known for the fresh fruit (apples, strawberries, and blueberries) that we put into our batches, and the peanut butter we grind fresh before going into our cookies. Nothing the easy way, no shortcuts taken on our quest for cookie greatness. In one bite you will discover the difference between us and the rest. Give us a try, and if you agree, spread the word.

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See what our customers are saying!

Wow! I customized a 12-pack order of these cookies and I am IN LOVE! They give me the feeling of my moms homemade cookies she used to make when I was young but with an even better tasty twist! The nostalgia I got from these cookies were unreal.

Kimberly Wilson

I put in an order for the 6-pack of cookies and they were at my doorstep the NEXT DAY! This is 100% my new cookie spot and it fixed my cravings instantly! The fact that I can get a whole box of freshly baked cookies the day after I ordered them is truly amazing! Props to Dough 2 Door!!!

Stephanie Thatcher

Dough 2 Door is the SHIT! They gave me a warm homemade feeling. I got a 6 pack and already about to place another order. My favorite thing about these cookies is the fact that they aren't overdone and filling. They were light, delicious, and I could eat all of them in one sitting if my stomach could take it LOL! Dough 2 Door is amazing! My new favorite cookies!

Michael Pierro

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